Essentials to Keeping Your Hardwood Looking Great

Hardwood is still the most popular flooring choice among homeowners, and it requires little maintenance. However, regular floor maintenance is required to keep your hardwood at its best. Unlike laminate or engineered wood, hardwood may be refinished numerous times, adding years of beauty and warmth to your house while also increasing its value and speeding up its resale. Best vinyl plank flooring in Liberal, KS is mainly recommended for services like this. Here are four essential parts to hardwood floor maintenance:

  1. Cleaning hardwood floors
  2. Repairing a hardwood floor
  3. Refinishing hardwood floors
  4. Floor protection for hardwood floors
  • Clean your hardwood floors regularly.

Knowing how and where to clean hardwood floors is essential because dirt and grit, which scrape and mark the floor if not removed quickly, is the curse of hardwood. In addition, dust is more visible on wood floors than on linoleum or carpet. particularly in direct sunlight and if the floor has a dark stain. As a result, hardwood floor cleaning entails sweeping and dusting regularly – at least once a week, and after each event that leaves dirt and grit behind. Regular household dusting and cleaning agents, on the other hand, may harm the wood, so only use hardwood-specific products.

  • Vacuum cleaning 

Vacuuming, rather than sweeping, is preferred since it allows dirt and dust to be drawn from between the boards; however, use a vacuum with a bare floor attachment rather than a beater bar, which might harm the wood. If proper cleaning is necessary use a suitable cleaning method for floor’s finish. If your hardwood floor has a glossy sheen, it signifies that polyurethane, water-based urethane or a similar finish was employed to provide a protective layer over it. The floor is preserved with a penetrating seal of oil and wax if it has a matte appearance.


Water is not an appropriate cleaning agent for either of these finishes, but both may tolerate a surface, damp-mop cleaning, which means the mop is moist but not wet. You’re merely washing the surface and not getting enough water into the oiled and waxed hardwood. You may add a little neutral ph hardwood floor cleaner to the water before dipping the mop into it when mopping oil and waxing hardwood floors with a damp mop. A basic hardwood floor cleaning that does not contain wax or oil can be used on a floor with a glossy protective coating. Check out the best vinyl plank flooring in Liberal, KS.