Difference between style & fashion

style & fashion

I will start with the fact that in various publications, articles, blogs, two extreme approaches often dominate: either “we necessarily need to keep up with fashion by choosing the latest trends for our wardrobe” or “we do not want to succumb to trends by choosing a timeless classic.” It is similar in practice. Some customers say, “I don’t want to be addicted to fashion,” while others ask, “What’s up now?”

What is the most excellent plan to structure your own style? None!

The point is that a compromise should be sought in our relationship with fashion – only then will we create an image that is current and interesting, and at the same time, comfortable and authentic for us.

What is the main difference between fashion and style?

Fashion and style are based on two completely different philosophies. The main goal in working with style is to emphasize your own beauty. Hence all ideas related to color analysis (we need to choose the colors in which the face is radiant) and silhouette analysis (we have to focus on styles that mask imperfections). In this sense, style is above all, a list of rules that each of us should follow to look good.

Fashion is, in turn, new ideas and inspirations that can relate to combining styles, materials, colors, patterns, unusual ways of wearing or fastening clothes, or innovative materials finishing techniques. There is a lot of courage, experiments, and freedom in fashion.

The problem is that when a woman works with her image, taking into account only the rules of color and type of figure and not taking into account what is happening in the fashion world, her stylizations will be rather banal and obvious. Also, as experience shows, such a correct wardrobe can get a woman bored quite quickly. First of all, because we have all the flawless solutions, but all the time, we use the same styles and the same colors. In such cases, fashion gives us a sense of freshness. This is the development of your style, a new look at yourself, and discovering new styling options.

It is worth understanding that fashion is primarily a whole concept of image. If the magazines say that this season is a fashionable green color and we find a green scarf around us, and then tie it to the bag, it does not mean that we look fashionable. What is important is the character of the whole stylization, its forms/proportions/textures / styles, and the form in which this green will be presented in this stylization and with what color we will combine it. So you have to learn to read this fashion and observe as much as possible

What’s up now?

Times have changed, and this is very good news for us. If some time ago “to look fashionable” meant only luxury brands, then what matters is not what stores you choose, but how you style your clothes. Therefore, a woman dressed in luxury brands alone may look less interesting than a woman dressed in chain stores at various price levels. The brand alone does not guarantee anything.