“ Children are our future. The Regional Office of Education partners with families, school districts, and communities to build, support, and enhance educational opportunities for the success of our children, now and in the future. ”

Debbie Niederhauser - Superintendent of the Regiona Office of Education #1, serving Adams and Pike counties of Western Illinois

  Message from Debbie Niederhauser Regional Superintendent of Schools

 The mission of the Regional Office of Education is to support families and educators as they go about the important business of educating our young people.  The Regional Office is here to support you in this worthy endeavor!  Browse our website and see what services we have available, or feel free to contact us.  We are happy to help!  Our entire staff wishes you a fulfilling, successful 2013-2014 school year as you educate the students of our region!  Thank you for your 24/7 committment to education!  May you be richly rewarded!

Debbie Niederhauser

Regional Superintendent of Schools


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 Professional Development 

Hands-on Technology Training: Edmodo for Your Classroom

March 31, 2014     Presenter: Lisa Litchfield, ConnectEDtec

Do you want to have an online community with your students in a safer environment than the traditional social networks?  Are you looking for an online platform to house all of your material for your class, post and collect assignments, share websites, or give online assessments? Edmodo allows for all of these things, and more, to happen easily!

Choosing and Using Nonfiction Literature PreK-2

April 11,2014   Presenter: Dr. Kathy Barclay, Ph.D. from Western Illinois University

Participants will take an in-depth look at the standards for informational literature and criteria for selection and use of non-fiction texts.  A wide range of high quality nonfiction text will be shared as well as using nonfiction text to support student application of effective reading skills and strategies. 

Tasks and Resources for Preparing High School Math Teachers for the PARCC Assessments Grades 9-12

April 30, 2014  Presenter: Dr. Jim Olsen, Ph.D. from Western Illinois University

Look at algebra, function, and geometry topics from the high school curriculum and consider the expectations on the PARCC evidence tables.  PARCC examples and sample online items will be shared.  Participants will also take a look at one of the major shifts -- looking at congruence and similarity through transformations. 


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